Form Follows Function

Hey, I'm Wayne Holt-Golding and I’m a Designer who codes on this young and empowering place we call the web*. I started Fu3l Creative to work with SME business owners to help make them successful by understanding their audience, through unparalleled design and excellent websites.

Fu3l Creative operates from the suburbs of Keighley while reaching to the inner cities of Leeds and beyond, gaining a reputation for delivering first rate support and customer service.

I’m a UX Mentor and Creative at Red Rocket, make random experiments in CodePen and am an advocate on the awesomeness that is CSS Grid.

*at Just thirty!

Creative brand development and

Logo Design

huub logo © WHG
Red Rocket logo © WHG
Storm logo © WHG

I like to make things, so I became a designer.
I tend to break things, so I became a web developer.

The design part is straightforward: Form Follows Function – make things that have personality and are unique, but always achieve their purpose. It takes a lot of practice and there are no shortcuts. Make, reiterate, rinse, repeat.

The Web part is much more complex and things change really fast; best practices, platforms, technologies..., but every part is as much fun as it is wildly frustrating!

As this process tends to start with logo design, here are a few neat examples. If you want me to create yours contact me here >

Logo Design & Brand Development

Co Space

Alt Text!

A creative project focused on branding to communicate smart working space with the opportunity to collaborate.

The branding rolled out to internal, external, printed and digital comms using 'connected space' as a juxtaposition.

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Brand Developement and Woocommerce Store

Kit Sports

Kit Sports Window Poster

What started out as a woocommerce project for an enterprising, personalised sportswear business, soon turned into a branding exercise alongside the online woo shop and website.

There was only one real choice when it came to creating the business name; the owners nickname worked out perfectly!

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Woocommerce Website and Brand Development

Lund Butchers

Lund Butchers Ecommerce iPhones

Established in the 1960's Lund Butchers are the oldest craft butcher owned and operated in the Aire Valley and county of West Yorkshire.

Developed their website into a woocommerce solution to diversify their trading in the first half of this year. Currently redeveloping their brand.

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Art Director and Brand Guardian


Gioteck Brand Guardian

Partnered with the CCO to drive this gaming peripheral brand to international notoriety through robust design, impeccable detail and close working partnerships with international manufacturing.

Directed the production of multilingual retail packaging, product manuals, advertising campaigns, product brochures, marketing material, exhibition graphics and retail support including store design, POS and FSDU's.

Delivered monthly presentations for international sales teams on product USP, market share, market projections, design strategy and offers.

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Logo Design and Creative Brand


1671 Brand Business Cards

A project focused on brand creation for a business consultant / angel investor of digital start-ups.

The branding communicates a thoughtful approach to growth and support gained from knowledge and experience.

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