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The short answer is everything.

The ‘right’ name will help you become synonymous with what you do, the belief and standards you have, and the promises you uphold. Essentially we are talking about a brand, but before you roll your eyes at this notion, step back and have a think about it while I explain what a brand is.

Take my name for instance, I am known as Wayne. I would much prefer to be called something brilliant like Equanimious or Volanthian, but I was given this name at birth because of trends at the time. Based on my given name, some of you might have already made up your mind as to what sort of person I could be, and may even have started to formulate my back story or start to imagine what I might even look like whether that be bad or good.

This illustrates my point in that a simple ‘word mark’ has the ability to conjure up possibilities and connotations’ instantly. As logic based humans we do this all the time, requiring answers to all possible questions in an instant.

It is my job to ensure answers to those questions are formed accurately.