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I grew up amongst the rolling hills of Yorkshire in the proud North of England, a place where the rain is plentiful, the real ale exceptional, and the beef wellington exquisite.

I moved to the sunny vale of Keighley back in '03 and never left. Situated on the doorstep to the Dales with picturesque countryside to enjoy rambling through with my choc Labrador, when we are not roaming the beeches and landscape of the captivating Northumberland coastline, or watching the Green Bay 'Packers' on Sunday night football from our couch at home.

Why FU3L Creative?

In first school I spent hours drawing cartoon characters to impress my grandad with, middle school was spent exploring music and drawing comic books, (when not playing Dungeons & Dragons, of course!), and in upper school I began writing songs and short stories, designing logos and making posters for local bands.

I studied the fundamentals of art and design in college and worked a few jobs to fund my further education and foray into Adobe on the way. With graft I became a head graphic designer sidelining in web design, while web design was still in its infancy.

Wayne Holt-Golding

I like to make things, so I became a designer.
I tend to break things, so I became a web developer.

The design part is straightforward: Form Follows Function – make things that have personality and are unique, but always achieve their purpose. It takes a lot of practice and there are no shortcuts. Make, reiterate, rinse, repeat.

The Web part is much more complex and things change really fast; best practices, platforms, technologies..., but every part is as much fun as it is wildly frustrating!

Early on I started to earn the reputation as a creative with a penchant for mixing the graphic arts and digital design. As time moved on I began working on more diverse projects, collaborating with like minded people, adding experience and skills like Art Direction and UX Design whilst offering myself to businesses as an external resource.

I use this experience and reputation as an independent creative and freelance digital artist, and continue to educate myself further in design, animation, UX and of course all things web.


Constantly rebuilding my website. Always.